Haleigh Martin


Haleigh has already developed a musical style and unique country sound that captivates her listeners and leaves them wanting to hear more. Her music can be categorized as progressive country music. She creates a fresh, new sound with her rhythmic melodies and focus on her strong, intricate vocals, while incorporating her love for blues and jazz music. With her sassy lyrics, catchy melodies, powerful voice, and uniquely utilized vocal acrobatics, she has set the stage for a successful country music career.

Her music can be described as empowering, haunting, intricate, classic and very bluesy with lyrics and melodies that easily get stuck in your head.

PHONE: (270)559-1352

Facebook: Haleigh Martin Music
Instagram: @haleighmartinmusic
Twitter: @HaleighFaith8
YouTube: Haleigh Martin Music
Spotify: Haleigh Martin