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Amiya Sawyer
Four year old Amiya Sawyer, the daughter of QwTasia Sawyer of Mounds Illinois, represents the many children in southern Illinois who receive much needed services through the money donated to the Telethon of Stars Celebration Concert.

Amiya weighed 1 pound, 6 ounces at birth. In spite of the prematurity, Amiya was alert and doing quite well until her 14th day of her life when she was stricken with a life threatening illness known as Group B Strep infection. She recovered from the strep infection but soon after developed pneumonia, retinopathy, necrotizing enterocolitis and suffered significant damage to her brain resulting in cerebral palsy and visual impairment. She receives therapy with the goal of developing control of her arms, legs, sitting balance and residual vision. Thanks to donations to the Telethon, Amiya has received much needed positioning equipment and a specialized wheelchair.

Amiya and her family are inspirations to all who know them as they demonstrate what can be accomplished when children have the therapy, equipment and unconditional love they need to maximize their potential to overcome a disability.